Are you striving for perfection? Would you like to stay in shape? Are you aiming at being healthy? NordicStep Walking poles are the best solution to achieve all these purposes.  Make walking less boring and more effective! These poles are not just funny, but it is an efficient device for releasing tension in your ankles and knees. They help you to get more balanced, so they are useful for the whole body. As a result you burn off calories, though you feel less fatigue. Try them!

Starter Line
Starter Line
For those who are just starting in Nordic walking. Made from aluminum-base alloy, they are low weight and high reliable.
Sport Line
Sport Line
For active Nordic walking fans. Contain 50% of carbon, that's why they are low weight and possess high amortization qualities.
Compact Line
Compact Line
For travellers. Designed in 3 sections, that's why these poles have small dimensions when folded down and you may take them with you when travelling.

What does "Nordic walking" mean?
Originally Nordic walking was regarded as a summer training activity for skiers. Special walking poles are its required attribute. They are designed in such a way that the upper body exertion is transformed to push you forward in the process of walking. Today it is a popularly accepted method to turn a walk into a general strengthening exercise for the whole body.

For whom is Nordic walking recommended?
You may go in forNordic walking regardless of age or physical fitness. It may range from calm walks if you have certain physical complaints, up to serious training walks aimed at improving your shape or losing weight.

What equipment is required?
You will require a pair of Nordic walking poles, walking shoes and suitable clothes. Pay attention that Nordic walking poles differ from the poles for trekking in a way the strap is used and the angle they are planted on the ground.

How do the poles work?
If you put the poles to their proper use, they help to reduce the strain of your knees and leg joints. As a result your feet feel better.

What is the technique?
You should move as usual and in your natural manner. Your arms should be swung with straight elbows, analogously to marching soldiers.

Is Nordic walking beneficial to health?
Nordicwalking as a regular activity can reduce the risks of different chronic diseases connected with cardiovascular and endocrine systems. This type of physical training can also help to lose weight as a part of complex programmes.